Outpost Productions Offers Music Education to People of All Ages

Geoffrey Scovil, an experienced attorney at law, owns and operates a private Albuquerque, New Mexico, practice focused on habeas corpus cases. Outside of his work as an attorney, Geoff Scovil supports several local organizations, including Outpost Productions, a nonprofit group that presents music and art performances throughout the year.

In addition to bringing a variety of musicians and artists to Albuquerque, Outpost Productions oversees a diverse educational program that offers classes and workshops for youth and adults. Since launching the program nearly two decades ago, Outpost Productions has taught jazz, Latin, and opera music to approximately 2,000 students of all ages and abilities.

Today, individuals can take classes year-round from experienced musicians and musical instructors, including saxophonist Kanoa Kaluhiwa, drummer Sharon Eldridge, and trumpeter Paul Gonzales. Youth four to 14 years of age can also participate in an eight-week opera workshop that focuses on peer collaboration, musical composition, and acting. Additional details, including class times and pricing information, can be found at www.outpostspace.org.


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