Three Italian Festival Opportunities for the Month of November

Geoffrey Scovil is the sole practitioner at his defense law firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he concentrates on habeas corpus law. When not busy with his professional responsibilities in Albuquerque, Geoffrey Scovil enjoys traveling internationally to such locations as Italy, which offers visitors a variety of festival opportunities throughout the month of November.

Truffle and Chestnut Fairs. Truffle and chestnut festivals occur frequently throughout Italy during November, and Italians consider the truffle the festival star of the month. Restaurants often offer specials menus featuring the two items, making fall one of the most optimal seasonal times for Italian cuisine. Notable truffle events include the Alba White Truffle Festival in the Piedmont town of Alba and the San Miniato Truffle Fair in Tuscany.

Cioccolatò chocolate festival. Held annually in the city of Turin, the Cioccolatò festival highlights the history of Italy’s chocolate-making traditions. The two-week event attracts hundreds of chocolatiers from throughout Europe and features a range of entertainment events and chocolate demonstrations, with a focus on traditional Piedmontese chocolate.

Music Festivals. November serves as the host for one of the Italian capital’s largest cultural events: the Romaeuropa Festival. A month-long festival celebrated throughout Rome, Romaeuropa is a multi-artistic fair that features dozens of performances and theater exhibitions. In addition, November is also the start of opera season for many of Italy’s top opera houses.


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