Best Times for Visiting New York City

Geoffrey Scovil of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has nearly two decades of legal experience and is committed to protecting his clients’ constitutional rights and providing indigent criminal defense. In his free time, Geoffrey Scovil enjoys traveling outside of Albuquerque, and he has been to such domestic destinations as San Francisco, Portland, and New York City.

There is no real off-season when it comes to visiting New York City, but depending on the budget for your trip, some months are better than others. Typically, hotel prices are cheaper between January and April and from July to August because of the cold winters and high summer humidity. The Christmas season is one of the most expensive times to visit the city, as are spring and fall.

In terms of activities, summer often brings free admission to a number of cultural institutions, such as the Lincoln Center, while fall and winter typically have the highest number of theater and performing arts shows. Getting tickets for Broadway shows is easiest near the beginning of the year, while getting reservations at the city’s best restaurants is easiest during the weekends in July and August. New York City also hosts numerous annual events, including Shakespeare in the Park in June, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March, and the New York Film Festival in September.


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