Educational Programs at the Outpost Performance Space

Educational Programs at the Outpost Performance Space pic
Educational Programs at the Outpost Performance Space

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Geoffrey Scovil has practiced habeas corpus law at his self-titled law practice for more than 15 years. An active member of his Albuquerque community, Geoffrey Scovil provides frequent support to the Outpost Performance Space.

Over the course of 25 years, Outpost Performance Space has invited thousands of international musicians and artists to hold shows at its location in Albuquerque’s Union District. Relying on the support of community members and monetary grants, the organization also offers a number of instructional programs to individuals of all ages. Since its inception in 1996, the organization has facilitated a variety of arts lessons for nearly 2,000 local students.

Home School Opera Workshop
Outpost Performance Space adopted this workshop from the Santa Fe Opera outreach program. Over the course of eight weeks, children between ages 4 and 14 receive the unique opportunity to develop and perform an original opera. With the help of two experienced instructors, the students cultivate skills in acting, singing, and music composition.

Jazz and Latin Music Classes
Outpost facilitates Jazz and Latin Music Classes for young people ages 10 and older, helping them increase their musical skills while building self-confidence. During each class, students work directly with four instructors to prepare for a small music recital. The organization holds classes based on students’ various skill levels and ages.

Teen Performance Nights
Throughout the year, Outpost holds monthly Performance Nights that allow teens to share their artistic talents with their local community. The organization welcomes musical acts as well as dance and poetry readings, providing participants with the chance to gain public performance experience.


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