Supporting the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

New Mexico Wilderness Alliance pic
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

As a solo practitioner specializing in habeas corpus law, Geoffrey Scovil has established a long career as an attorney at law in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Geoffrey Scovil is also an active supporter of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, an Albuquerque-based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the natural ecology of New Mexico.

The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance relies heavily on the support of its volunteers, who are encouraged to write letters to their elected representatives, stressing the importance of wilderness protection and calling for proactive legislation. In the past, letters from concerned citizens have helped to create wilderness areas, ban snowmobiles from national parks, and shut down harmful mining operations.

Through its Online Action Center, the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance also enables supporters to join advocacy campaigns and send faxes to politicians at all levels of government. Outside of letter writing, individuals can support the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance by volunteering at wilderness sites, reporting violations, and contacting local newspapers.


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