Jazz, Coffee, and Fun at the Outpost Performance Space

Outpost Performance Space pic
Outpost Performance Space
Image: outpostspace.org

Attorney Geoffrey Scovil has run a private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since 1998. Outside of work, Geoffrey Scovil supports Albuquerque’s Outpost Performance Space.

Outpost Performance Space is a community-based performing arts center. Completely member supported, it provides opportunities for local musicians to be heard and for community members to enjoy and appreciate many forms of art.

Outpost is a safe and family-friendly venue. The alcohol- and smoke-free facility is appropriate for all ages, welcoming audiences both young and old to enjoy coffee and live music. Traditionally filled with jazz and folk performances, Outpost Performance Space now hosts musicians from every genre. The community mainstay also offers music lessons ranging from jazz to opera and frequently features special opportunities for teen musicians.

Young musicians take the stage at Roust the House Teen Performance Nights, which occur almost every month. Audiences get to experience the next generation of music, and teens can take advantage of a supportive and enthusiastic audience. Interested bands can submit a bio and a demo for consideration.


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