The Best Time for Visiting San Francisco

San Francisco pic
San Francisco

Geoffrey Scovil practices habeas corpus law in Albuquerque as a contractor for the New Mexico Public Defender Department and a solo practitioner at his legal office. Outside of work, Geoffrey Scovil enjoys traveling outside of Albuquerque to such domestic and international locations as Hong Kong, Italy, and San Francisco.

Visiting San Francisco involves a number of considerations when trying to find the right balance between weather, costs, and crowds. Typically, the weather in the city ranges from the mid-50s to the low 70s throughout the year. Temperatures are warmest from August to November, and precipitation is high starting in November and continuing through March. However, the weather in San Francisco often changes suddenly.

In terms of crowds, summer is the peak tourist time in San Francisco. From June to August, the city is bustling with various street fairs and special events. Booking accommodations requires several weeks of advanced planning, and prices are at their highest. Between March and May, crowds are smaller. Temperatures are still in the mid-60s during these months, and hotel prices have not started rising. Winter brings similar respites when it comes to prices and crowds, but weather between December and February is coldest and characterized by near-constant fog.

Visiting between September and November is often the best option on all fronts. Hotel rates start dropping due to the decreasing crowds and weather is still warm. Many years, temperatures during these months are actually warmer than during summer. A variety of events continue during this time as well.


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