2019 New Mexico Jazz Fest Kicks Off at the Outpost Performance Space

Outpost Performance Space pic
Outpost Performance Space
Image: outpostspace.org

Geoffrey Scovil is an accomplished criminal defense attorney in New Mexico who has operated his own law firm for more than 20 years. When he isn’t working, Geoffrey “Geoff”Scovil is an avid fan of jazz music and supports the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque.

Operated by the nonprofit arts organization Outpost Productions for more than 30 years, the Outpost Performance Space is located at 210 Southeast Yale in Albuquerque’s University District. This smoke-free and alcohol-free venue served as the first performance space for the 14th Annual New Mexico Jazz Festival on Thursday, July 11.

The Festival’s inaugural act was the Doug Lawrence New Organ Quartet, an ensemble headed by Count Basie Orchestra saxophonist Doug Lawrence and featuring Chicago-based B3 organist Dan Trudell. In addition to hosting this band for the 2019 New Mexico Jazz Festival kick-off, the Outpost Performance Space/Outpost Productions joined the Lensic Performing Arts Center and the Santa Fe Jazz Foundation as the New Mexico Jazz Festival’s primary sponsors.

Albuquerque’s Outpost Performance Space

 Outpost Performance Space pic
Outpost Performance Space
Image: outpostspace.org

An Albuquerque-based attorney practicing habeas corpus law, Geoffrey “Geoff” Scovil is committed to criminal defense and protecting constitutional rights. Outside of his practice, Geoffrey Scovil supports many local Albuquerque institutions, including Outpost Productions, offering a unique art space and performance venue in the middle of the city.

A nonprofit arts organization, Outpost Productions has entertained Albuquerque for almost 30 years at the downtown Outpost Performance Space. With over 100 performances each year, the space hosts a variety of mediums, from concerts and theater to poetry readings and visual art exhibits.

For young people, the Outpost offers educational programs tailored to skill level and interest. These programs include jazz courses, youth opera programs, and Latin music courses, among others. Kids are able to perform what they have learned throughout the year, and the cost of attending these courses is often waived, thanks to donations.

In addition, the Outpost offers the Inpost Artspace, which has shown the work of over 300 New Mexico artists since 1996.

Jazz, Coffee, and Fun at the Outpost Performance Space

Outpost Performance Space pic
Outpost Performance Space
Image: outpostspace.org

Attorney Geoffrey Scovil has run a private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since 1998. Outside of work, Geoffrey Scovil supports Albuquerque’s Outpost Performance Space.

Outpost Performance Space is a community-based performing arts center. Completely member supported, it provides opportunities for local musicians to be heard and for community members to enjoy and appreciate many forms of art.

Outpost is a safe and family-friendly venue. The alcohol- and smoke-free facility is appropriate for all ages, welcoming audiences both young and old to enjoy coffee and live music. Traditionally filled with jazz and folk performances, Outpost Performance Space now hosts musicians from every genre. The community mainstay also offers music lessons ranging from jazz to opera and frequently features special opportunities for teen musicians.

Young musicians take the stage at Roust the House Teen Performance Nights, which occur almost every month. Audiences get to experience the next generation of music, and teens can take advantage of a supportive and enthusiastic audience. Interested bands can submit a bio and a demo for consideration.

Educational Programs at the Outpost Performance Space

Educational Programs at the Outpost Performance Space pic
Educational Programs at the Outpost Performance Space
Image: outpostspace.org

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Geoffrey Scovil has practiced habeas corpus law at his self-titled law practice for more than 15 years. An active member of his Albuquerque community, Geoffrey Scovil provides frequent support to the Outpost Performance Space.

Over the course of 25 years, Outpost Performance Space has invited thousands of international musicians and artists to hold shows at its location in Albuquerque’s Union District. Relying on the support of community members and monetary grants, the organization also offers a number of instructional programs to individuals of all ages. Since its inception in 1996, the organization has facilitated a variety of arts lessons for nearly 2,000 local students.

Home School Opera Workshop
Outpost Performance Space adopted this workshop from the Santa Fe Opera outreach program. Over the course of eight weeks, children between ages 4 and 14 receive the unique opportunity to develop and perform an original opera. With the help of two experienced instructors, the students cultivate skills in acting, singing, and music composition.

Jazz and Latin Music Classes
Outpost facilitates Jazz and Latin Music Classes for young people ages 10 and older, helping them increase their musical skills while building self-confidence. During each class, students work directly with four instructors to prepare for a small music recital. The organization holds classes based on students’ various skill levels and ages.

Teen Performance Nights
Throughout the year, Outpost holds monthly Performance Nights that allow teens to share their artistic talents with their local community. The organization welcomes musical acts as well as dance and poetry readings, providing participants with the chance to gain public performance experience.

Jazz and Latin Music Classes at Outpost Performance Space

Geoffrey Scovil, a habeas corpus attorney practicing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is an active member of his community. Geoffrey Scovil supports a number of Albuquerque-based organizations, including the Outpost Performance Space, through which he sponsored a performance from the jazz group, Ralph Alessi’s Baida Quartet.

Dedicated to enriching the community with a wide range of musical and visual presentations, the Outpost Performance Space has served as the non-smoking, non-alcohol home of Outpost Productions since 1990. Beyond the variety of performances it hosts, the organization offers a range of educational programs designed to help youth and adults enjoy the arts in a more hands-on capacity.

To this end, the Outpost Performance Space offers jazz and Latin music classes. The classes are taught by a team consisting of a pianist, drummer, percussionist, and saxophonist. Designed to build cooperation and positive attitudes, each class accommodates no more than 12 students, aged 10 and up.

Outpost separates its classes by youth and adult students and most courses include two five-week sessions. Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments to class; however, the space does provide guitar and bass amplifiers along with a drum set and piano. At the end of the second session, all students perform a recital for their friends and family.